#PTliftupchallenge is here! A FREE 14 day fitness self-care challenge to lift up your body, mind and soul to reclaim your life with ease, purpose and unwavering confidence. Starts May 16th!
Here's what you get:
Daily home workouts videos that are easy to fit into your life and you'll be motivated to stay consistent as it's a different workout every day. Workouts to tone, lift and shape your body in under 20 minutes a day. Only need a pair of dumbbells. 
Daily motivation and tips to keep you mentally, physically and spiritually strong. Learn how to reconnect with your body and mind to take back your power and like the girl you see in the mirror again. Learn who you are, gain your self trust back and feel loved.
Support and love from your fellow #ptsisters. An amazing sisterhood of women who are short on time but want to take care of themselves.
Live check-ins from us inside the private Facebook group and on Instagram.
Gluten-free grain-free recipes, 8 sweet snack recipes, and simple nutrition guidelines to help you look and feel your best and improve your energy. 
A meal guide. We show you how we eat and to teach you how to adjust it to fit your goals and body. It easy to implement as don't want to spend hours in the kitchen.
Prizes! Everyone who actively participates in the challenge will be entered for gift cards to Amazon, Thrive Market or Onnit and other goodies. For those who are super consistent with the workouts AND go above and beyond by posting daily, encouraging others, and sharing great insights through their daily check-ins will be entered to win a grand prize!
It's time for you to feel unstoppable and step into the best version of yourself.
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We hear from so many women saying things like:

>> I am tired of still not feeling good enough no matter how much I workout and diet. 
>> I struggle with being consistent with working out and lose momentum quickly, then feel even worse I missed a workout or two. 
>> I struggle with staying motivated and staying with my healthy habits for the long haul.
>> I struggle wth confidence being in my body and skin. I’m so tired of it. It just tears me down and puts me in a worse mood.

We get it that was us too. 

This is exactly why we created this challenge as we felt obligated to help women end the negative self-talk struggle, the battle with staying consistent with exercise and creating healthy self-care practices.

We are supporters of getting and keeping a healthy fit body, we also believe that without a positive mindset, a strong connection to your soul, and healthy lifestyle self-care practices, it’s NEVER going to stick for the long term. 

This is why other fitness programs don’t seem to work. There is more to getting and staying in shape than your workouts. 

Other fitness and healthy lifestyle programs make you feel like you are not enough and give you all these crazy things to do. They make you feel you need to do more, have to do more. But DOING MORE isn’t always the best, right? This can make you feel more overwhelmed and less likely to actually take ACTION. 

No action. No results. 

This fitness program is different. We make things simple. 

From personal experience and from working with hundreds of women the past 4 years we know it doesn’t work that way. Self care and movement doesn’t have to be super complicated or time consuming. 

We combined some our best home workouts and tools to help you feel freakin AMAZING in your body and rock your life with confidence.

We know its super hard to find time in your day for self-care. But we’ve learned over the years that if you keep neglecting it, all that wear and tear will take its toll on you - body, mind and soul. It then manifests into other areas of your life from family to work. 

So how do you do it all and not feel overwhelmed? You have to make a shift in your body, mind and soul and that’s where our #PTLiftupchallenge comes in. 

Get ready to love your body now as you work on building a stronger one inside out.

We know Summer is just around the corner and it can be a difficult time to be consistent with taking care of yourself. Kids are out of school. Have vacation plans. Want to relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand. 

It’s time to make taking care of yourself fun and easy, and help you feel stronger inside out.

Get your girlfriends involved so together we can look and feel our best and feel confident in our body and life. 

Lift up your body. Lift up your mind. Lift up your soul with us - Challenge starts May 16th!
Michelle and Lori from purelytwins.com
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